For debtors:

Instead of standard terms and procedures valid for all customers, we, as Destek Varlık Yönetim A.Ş., attend to each customer regarding their overdue credit debts and provide customized solutions.

We listen to you while providing “debt restructuring” service regarding your credit cards that are blocked for transactions due to non-repayment or your credit debts in legal follow up and we take into consideration your means and solvency.

For Banks and other financial institutions:

In accordance with its reason for establishment and existence, Destek Varlık recommends that you benefit from the following advantages by selling your receivables at their value:

  • Increase your return on equity and assets
  • Transfer provisions to income statement
  • Save on your collection expenses
  • Use the time you spare for NPL management in new and profitable businesses
  • Invest the cash flow you will receive from sales prices into income generating assets
  • Avoid attorney fees, counterparty attorney fees and high cost expenditures such as maintenance, support and insurance of collaterals
  • Avoid possible erosion on the market image of your bank/ financial institution which may be caused by legal follow up process and outcomes
  • Have your customer relations experts and managers serve in income generating and market share enhancing businesses instead of the energy and time consuming processes of NPL management